Fireplace Songs by Music Bed

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I tried and I tried and I tried to post this on Friday morning and to no avail. For some reason every time I hit publish it would publish the title of this post but delete the content…after drafting the writeup a couple of times I was too frustrated! So I will try again.


Last Friday was Melissa and my Christmas Potluck (already on it’s 7th annual!) and one of my favorite (although…I pretty much love everything related to our Potluck) things to organize is the music for the evening. Music for a party can sometimes make or break the mood and we always want to make sure that all of our friends are in the best of spirits to celebrate the holidays with us. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from The Music Bed with a free download of their cozy holiday music collection and I just couldn’t resist! And boy was I excited with what I found — so many fantastic artists and songs and after the fourth listen I am still falling in love with some of the selections. The Music Bed is a website that licenses awesome music for all kinds of media projects (hello videographers and photographers out there!) and is something that I am so glad I have stumbled across. If you have a chance or if you are interested I would suggest checking out this download to help get you into the holiday spirit or add some new selections for your Christmas mix.


Pixel Bow Tie



A pixel bow tie! What a funny creation. I found this the other day on The Fancy and immediately thought about all of the gentleman in my life that could make good use out of something like this! I looked into it a bit further and found that is was a creation by Tiemension and that is also comes in assorted colours! Who wouldn’t want to own something this fantastic?

Alt Summit -Help me win a ticket!



I have entered a wonderful contest put on by @TheLandofNod to win a ticket to Alt Summit and I am so nervous because I would really like to win! Absolutely no pressure but if you feel so inclined go to my pin and like/repin it (do both!). It would mean a lot to learn from some amazing bloggers as I have just started doing this more seriously and know that I have a lot to learn.

Thanks for your support!

Flock & Gather Handmade Market


My friend Lisa and I visited the Flock and Gather Craft Collective’s ‘Winter Wonders’ Handmade Market (now thats a mouthful!) this morning and what a treat that was! Sometimes when you hear ‘craft market’ your first instinct is to picture sweet older ladies and their knitting wares or perhaps assortments of woodworking projects but this market was soooo much more than that! (Not to say that a market like that isn’t wonderful, I have went to many!)

From the minute we walked in we were enchanted by the creative booths setup all around. Everyone we talked to was so friendly and ready to share stories about their businesses or explain how their products were made. We were in love! From beautiful jewellery to air plant gardens to button earrings to knitted dino hats for babies to even funky nail polish they had everything! We both ended up with little air plant gardens, I found a great ring, she found some gorgeous button earrings and we left with some crafting inspiration for sure! Christmas present shopping? They had a one stop shop! However, if you miss the market today be sure to check out their blog and keep up-to-date on future craft markets:


My new plant for the office!




Have you heard of FOTOSTRAP? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago and now lust after all 13 colors of camera straps that they stock. This company is just over a year old (founded in summer of 2011) and exploding with awesomeness as far as I can tell! One of the best things about FOTOSTRAP? Their philanthropic (or as they like to say, ‘fotolanthropic’) mentality. ‘FOTO is a socially responsible company and donates a generous portion of each sale to Fotolanthropy so that we can give the products to our Fotolanthropy families’. Which is sooo great to see and at least for me it really makes me want to support such a company. You can customize the strap and add a personal monogram, maybe a logo or a name. If you have heard of this company or the ladies behind it I encourage you to check them out -I have suggested this Christmas present (for me) to my boyfriend about six times…hoping he has gotten the hint! 😉


What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday? TeuxDeux



Welcome to a fantastic browser based to-do app I stumbled upon today. TeuxDeux is a simple, yet sexy to-do app that allows you to view your whole week and make sure that you are keeping up with that every growing list of things to get down. At work I am constantly scribbling down actions on numerous sticky notes or writing them down on paper but this seems like a great way to keep it all organized in one place and be readily accessible. I do worry that I will revert back to the old paper and pen format but I really would like to give this a shot and see if it works out for me! Have any of you used it before? Any thoughts?

Follow up: My boyfriend was quick to point to me that this website has been around FOREVER butttt I am still new to the game and am still finding great things that I haven’t seen before! I know some of you are in the same boat as me.

Find Your Bliss – Dan Harmon XOXO Festival


What a great little video! Keynote address by Dan Harmon (Community) at the XOXO Festival in Portland, OR this fall. Discussing the importance of people and how you can’t take the internet too seriously. “The internet is not people. People are more important than anything.” Pretty funny guy, I really enjoyed the message.



Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog! You may have been following my old blog (Tea and the Toast), which I will still be posting on from time to time but I wanted to create a blog where I could focus more on design, photography, techie things and basically just all of my nerdy passions. I hope you enjoy this collection of posts!