Flock & Gather Handmade Market


My friend Lisa and I visited the Flock and Gather Craft Collective’s ‘Winter Wonders’ Handmade Market (now thats a mouthful!) this morning and what a treat that was! Sometimes when you hear ‘craft market’ your first instinct is to picture sweet older ladies and their knitting wares or perhaps assortments of woodworking projects but this market was soooo much more than that! (Not to say that a market like that isn’t wonderful, I have went to many!)

From the minute we walked in we were enchanted by the creative booths setup all around. Everyone we talked to was so friendly and ready to share stories about their businesses or explain how their products were made. We were in love! From beautiful jewellery to air plant gardens to button earrings to knitted dino hats for babies to even funky nail polish they had everything! We both ended up with little air plant gardens, I found a great ring, she found some gorgeous button earrings and we left with some crafting inspiration for sure! Christmas present shopping? They had a one stop shop! However, if you miss the market today be sure to check out their blog and keep up-to-date on future craft markets: http://flockandgather.blogspot.ca/


My new plant for the office!


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