Work in Progress…



Updating the Program Planning Guide today and working on one of the first pages encouraging students to connect via social media with Edwards. I always like to think in terms of my design one year ago or even two years ago and I feel so happy to think about how much I have grown. I mean, this isn’t much, but two years ago starting my job here I would have been eager to get started but would have also been trying to put something together in Microsoft Word, instead of PhotoShop/Illustrator/InDesign. Its great to look back at old designs and feel a sense of growth, and that all of the classes I have taken, projects I have worked on, mistakes I have made have contributed to making me a better designer (or aspiring designer). Can’t wait to see where I will be next year at this time!


See Scotty Reifsnyder



While Dustin and I were in Disneyland over New Years we stopped at the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney and both fell in love with the artwork of Scotty Reifsnyder. He had two works in the Gallery, one inspired by Peter Pan (that I am still kicking myself over for not purchasing) and one inspired by The Incredibles (Dustin bought a mug with the art piece on it, he admires it every morn!). His art was so unique and is a style that both Dustin and I really enjoy, I wish I could create art like him! Check out his blog or his Dribbble page and prepare to be inspired for the day!

A few of my favorite things!

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Since the beginning of 2013 (okay, 11 days ago) I have been feel like this will be a great year with tons of amazing things going on. In some way or another in the last 11 days each product above has made me feel exciting, stylish, happy or beautiful and I am feeling like this year will be unlike any other.

1. Alex and Ani bangle bracelet -This was a fantastic find at Bloomingdale’s in Santa Monica while Dustin and I were there last week. I had never heard of this brand before (I am behind in the times!) but have found at least 12 other bangle bracelets that they make that I am now in love with.

2. M. Sasek This is New York Calendar -Another great California find that I actually picked up this summer in LA at Book Soup (I was lucky enough to make it to California TWICE this year!). Mr. Sasek’s art is incredible and if it wasn’t weird to have five calendars on my office wall I would also own San Francisco, London, Paris and any others that are out there!

3. Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh -I received this polish as a gift at Christmas (thanks Dustin!) and the first time I put it on my lips it felt like heaven. Honestly. My lips felt so amazingly soft when I applied lip balm after I actually wanted to keep touching them. Don’t judge.

4. Stella & Dot Gigi earrings -A beautiful gift from my lovely friend Avril as a thank you for helping out with her wedding right before New Years (what a sweetheart!). They go great with so many things that I wear and can be dressed up and funked down. I am honestly wearing them right now.

5. Kobo Mini -Another fantastic Christmas gift from Dustin (what a great guy!). I was worried that the screen would be too small but it was actually perfect for me and helped me get through some great books on the beach in Mexico over Christmas. It is a great size to carry around ( and so light!) no matter the size of my purse.

January Desktop Calendar


I am back! It was a bit of a hiatus, but I was gone to Mexico for Christmas with my family and then I was in California (Palm Springs) for a friends wedding and Disneyland for NYE, it was a whirlwind but soooo much fun.


1280x800px, 1440x900px, 1680x1050px, 1920x1200px, 2560x1600px

I have created a desktop calendar for January – my second attempt. I made one last month for December but in the craziness of the winter holidays I just didn’t get it up on here. Hopefully you enjoy this one, if you have a dimensions request for a screen size I haven’t posted leave me a comment and I will try to accommodate you!