I’m back!


Well, it has been an extended hiatus away from Fine Arts & Freckles but I have returned with excitement. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed in the ‘arts & crafts’ department for a little while now but I am determined to get back on track. I saw something on Instagram a while ago that really hit me:


…not sure how it exactly happened but so many ideas of projects I want to do just got all jumbled in my head and for some reason I just stopped doing anything!

So here are some of the things I am excited for:

1. Cooking – I am just at the tail’s end of a one week cleanse/eating challenge and while it has been difficult it has really started inspiring me in the kitchen to think about things I would like to make that I never have. Cold rolls are near the top of the list!

2. Sewing – A couple of months ago I decided to redeem some AirMiles points as I suspect I will never have enough for a flight (Aeroplan is another story) and purchased a sewing machine. Not going to start with anything too ambitious but I have been eyeing up our too long living room curtains for about a year and I have a couple of really great pillows that came with not-as-great covers that I would like to attempt to create new covers for.

3. Designing – I am not so sure where I want to start here but I love stationery and notebooks and cards so instead of talking about it so much I am going to carve out some creative time for myself and start designing. 

I also heard about a pottery class this spring that sounded pretty interesting. I think I might be too late for registration but I am still looking into it.


Alright. Time to create!



See Scotty Reifsnyder



While Dustin and I were in Disneyland over New Years we stopped at the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney and both fell in love with the artwork of Scotty Reifsnyder. He had two works in the Gallery, one inspired by Peter Pan (that I am still kicking myself over for not purchasing) and one inspired by The Incredibles (Dustin bought a mug with the art piece on it, he admires it every morn!). His art was so unique and is a style that both Dustin and I really enjoy, I wish I could create art like him! Check out his blog or his Dribbble page and prepare to be inspired for the day!