What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday? TeuxDeux



Welcome to a fantastic browser based to-do app I stumbled upon today. TeuxDeux is a simple, yet sexy to-do app that allows you to view your whole week and make sure that you are keeping up with that every growing list of things to get down. At work I am constantly scribbling down actions on numerous sticky notes or writing them down on paper but this seems like a great way to keep it all organized in one place and be readily accessible. I do worry that I will revert back to the old paper and pen format but I really would like to give this a shot and see if it works out for me! Have any of you used it before? Any thoughts?

Follow up: My boyfriend was quick to point to me that this website has been around FOREVER butttt I am still new to the game and am still finding great things that I haven’t seen before! I know some of you are in the same boat as me.