Fireplace Songs by Music Bed

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I tried and I tried and I tried to post this on Friday morning and to no avail. For some reason every time I hit publish it would publish the title of this post but delete the content…after drafting the writeup a couple of times I was too frustrated! So I will try again.


Last Friday was Melissa and my Christmas Potluck (already on it’s 7th annual!) and one of my favorite (although…I pretty much love everything related to our Potluck) things to organize is the music for the evening. Music for a party can sometimes make or break the mood and we always want to make sure that all of our friends are in the best of spirits to celebrate the holidays with us. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from The Music Bed with a free download of their cozy holiday music collection and I just couldn’t resist! And boy was I excited with what I found — so many fantastic artists and songs and after the fourth listen I am still falling in love with some of the selections. The Music Bed is a website that licenses awesome music for all kinds of media projects (hello videographers and photographers out there!) and is something that I am so glad I have stumbled across. If you have a chance or if you are interested I would suggest checking out this download to help get you into the holiday spirit or add some new selections for your Christmas mix.