Have you heard of FOTOSTRAP? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago and now lust after all 13 colors of camera straps that they stock. This company is just over a year old (founded in summer of 2011) and exploding with awesomeness as far as I can tell! One of the best things about FOTOSTRAP? Their philanthropic (or as they like to say, ‘fotolanthropic’) mentality. ‘FOTO is a socially responsible company and donates a generous portion of each sale to Fotolanthropy so that we can give the products to our Fotolanthropy families’. Which is sooo great to see and at least for me it really makes me want to support such a company. You can customize the strap and add a personal monogram, maybe a logo or a name. If you have heard of this company or the ladies behind it I encourage you to check them out -I have suggested this Christmas present (for me) to my boyfriend about six times…hoping he has gotten the hint! 😉