Vizify, my interactive resume



I have dropped the blogging ball! Jumping back on the wagon though, I really enjoy my blog. Furthering my passions via education this past year has been something I have been focusing on in my spare time, which has sometimes meant long days and studying over lunch hours at work. Right now I am involved in a three week workshop through Queens University all about online branding strategy and it has been great! It is with Sidneyeve Matrix and I have had the pleasure of studying in three of her classes so far and have had such a great experience delving into the world of digital media and strategy. Above is one of the assignments we have had to do so far, an interactive resume using ‘Vizify’. Lots of fun, such a great site to use, and lots of flexibility to make it unique to you. Hope you enjoy my vizify profile, let me know if you have one of your own — I would love to see more!