I have been absent. Blaim MoSo.


Ack! What a whirlwind May-June it has been! I was fully engrossed in a conference I was coordinating called MoSo, which is a mobile/social (plus many more things) conference held annually in Saskatoon, SK. What fun it was. 🙂

I met SO many amazing people, we had speakers fly in from all over North America and even though it rained the entire time and things weren’t always 100% perfect I feel extremely happy and proud of the event. We had such a fantastic team of committee members and volunteers to pull it together in the months leading up to MoSo, it is easy when you are attending a conference to forget about how much work it takes to put something like this together. I can assure you, many 1:00 and 2:00am nights were had! That being said we are already planning for 2014 and it is going to be even better! #moso2013


Some of my instagram posts throughout the event:


Work in Progress…



Updating the Program Planning Guide today and working on one of the first pages encouraging students to connect via social media with Edwards. I always like to think in terms of my design one year ago or even two years ago and I feel so happy to think about how much I have grown. I mean, this isn’t much, but two years ago starting my job here I would have been eager to get started but would have also been trying to put something together in Microsoft Word, instead of PhotoShop/Illustrator/InDesign. Its great to look back at old designs and feel a sense of growth, and that all of the classes I have taken, projects I have worked on, mistakes I have made have contributed to making me a better designer (or aspiring designer). Can’t wait to see where I will be next year at this time!